Wellness Exams   Spay and Neuter
Wellness exams will be done by the doctor in front of clients to allow them to ask questions while the doctor is examing your pet. It entails looking at the eyes, otoscope of the ears, listening to the heart and lungs, palpation of the abdomen. and all four legs.   It is important to spay and neuter your pet to help avoid over population. It is healthier to prevent infections, urine marking and future behaviour problems
Vaccinations   Surgery
All pets have different needs for vaccinations depending on their lifestyle. We will recommend core vaccines that every dog and cat should have other vaccines we will talk with you to determine what type of vaccines are needed and their frequency   All types of soft tissue surgery can be accomplished at Hamilton Animal Hospital. We use the most current anesthetics and surgery techniques to keep your pet safe during surgery. Both soft tissue and some orthopedic surgeries can be done by our doctor
Dental Care   Radiology
Dental care for your pet is very important for your pets overall health. 75% of all animals over 3 years old have some amount of dental tartar and plaque. During your pets exams we will examine the oral cavity of your pet and let you know if professional dental cleaning is required. There are many at home dental care techniques we can teach you once your pets teeth are cleaned.   We have computer radiology at Hamilton Animal Hospital that allows us to take very clear images very quickly. The images can be sent to a board certified radiologist for review. Computer radiology allows us to magnified, measurements taken and saved all on the image and shown to you on an iPad.
Micrchipping is a form of permanent ID. We use Home Again micrchips which are ISO certified. Home again offers many other services with the microchip such as lost pet posters, access to animal poison control and too many other features to list. The first year of registration is paid for the the clinic when the microchip is implanted.